Seasonal Signage: How to Stay on Top

Not making the most of seasonal trends and calendar events could leave your business in the dust in comparison to those that do. Amongst the traditional calendar events such as Christmas and Easter, there are many more that businesses can use to promote their product and service offerings through the use of signage.

Below, Visual Impact have listed a few and how signs can help the business gain more exposure:

  • Business related anniversaries/events

Let’s say your company is celebrating its 40th year since establishment. If a fleet of cars or vans are a part of your operations, a van wrap is an excellent example of where signage can be used to promote the longevity of your company’s service.

  • Bank holidays and other national holidays

National holidays are another great example of where signs can be used to showcase your offers or celebrations in alignment with the event. Remember the Royal Wedding? Only the best designed banners are going to help you stand out amongst your crowd of competitors.

  • Halloween, Bonfire Night

Autumnal events on the lead up to Christmas are perfect for the introduction of illuminated signage. The darker nights provide opportunities for businesses to get creative with light boxes and illuminated PVC cases featuring their company logo.

Other seasonal events that are great opportunities for upgrading or installing new signs include:

  • Mother’s and Father’s Day
  • Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
  • Bank holidays and other national holidays
  • Ad-hoc promotions and offers, POS and campaign

There are a few calendar events fast approaching on the calendar such as St. Patrick’s Day or St. George’s Day. If you would like more advice on the options you have available when it comes to seasonal signage, feel free to contact Visual Impact by phone on 01924 271 619. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at

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