POS – Indoor and Outdoor

In a world of multichannel retailing, POS (Point of Sale) merchandise should be incorporated into your promotional strategies. Specifically, for brick and mortar high street businesses, physical and printed POS signage is pivotal to promoting your products and services to customers and clients. However, it is important to know which POS material to include as part of your indoor and outdoor communication.


  • Offers, campaigns and promotions

This provides retailers with an opportunity to get creative in the way they showcase specific offers and promotions. These can often support the promotions that are displayed on your website or social media pages. Whether it’s a printed poster with the products on sale, or some branded shelf talkers indicating the price point, POS detailing current offers is important to communicate with the customer.

  • POP displays

Point of Purchase (POP) is often used interchangeably with POS. However, POP displays can include 3-dimensional stands used to display products. They can often be branded and designed to match the product on show, or to tie-in with a specific theme such as Halloween. An example here could be a basket in the shape of a pumpkin with sweets and treats inside that are part of a wider offer and campaign.


  • Company logo

To stand out amongst your competitors, it is important to have your company logo placed on your premises. If you don’t own the building, then perhaps having a print installed on the wall or the corridor leading to your office can add that extra branded touch. Outdoor signage can also be illuminated with electric signage, to help stand out against competitors and in low-light.

  • Window vinyl

Pubs, restaurants and salons are just a few of the high street retailers and businesses that can benefit from having window displays installed. This provides an opportunity to showcase your seasonal offers, which can be supported by the indoor POS that you have.

If you haven’t already looked into the ways you can use POS to communicate messages to your audience, it may be worth contacting Visual Impact to see how we can help. Our phone number is 01924 271619. We can also be contacted by email at sales@visualimpact.org.uk.

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