Outdoor Signs and their Benefits

Regardless of the size of shop or building that your business operates from, for the majority of businesses, being noticeable is imperative. Traditional brick and mortar retail stores are almost reliant on their shop front signage to draw in customers, this also includes business office park complex’s and industrial estates.  

As one of the leading signage manufacturers in West Yorkshire, Visual Impact have listed a few benefits of outdoor signage:

Aesthetic and visual appeal:

A professionally made sign that is branded in the style of your business feeds into the wider aesthetic of your brand.  Colour, shape and brand information should be clearly visible whist taking into consideration the surrounding area and other nearby businesses’.

Directions and exposure:

If your business or store is in a location that doesn’t receive a lot of natural footfall, using a well-manufactured sign to provide directions and exposure can be very beneficial. This is especially relevant for companies that are based near a main road or motorway, where the human eye may not notice the building naturally whilst driving, a sign close to the side of the road can help.

Weather resistant:

All signage is manufactured to suit the varying weather conditions we have in the UK.  All illuminated signage is sealed to prevent water ingress, whilst high level building signage will have additional structural support to ensure it stays secure in high winds.  We recommend that all signage is inspected on an annual basis to ensure it has remained secure and in full working order.

If you would like to learn more about the signage options you have available at Visual Impact, get in touch with us by phone on 01924 271619

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